Sep 20, 2011

Village. Dullah (chakwal).

Village. Dullah  (chakwal).Chakwal falls in tehsil chakwal and known as most politically Important village of Distt Chakwal.
The most important personalities.
1-Sardar Sultan Sikandar Khan.
2-Sardar Asharaf Khan(late)-Ex Forest minister.
3-Sardar Nawab Khan(late)
4-Sardar Khuram Nawab(MPA)
5-Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan..PML-N
6-Muhammad Afzal kahut.
7-Maj-Gen(RTD) Dr. Muhammad Muzafar

1 comment:

  1. Do u know who was the father and grand father of sardar sultan sikandar?
    if you would know, i am sure you will never mention these name here


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