Sep 20, 2011

Village. Bhaun (chakwal) in Armed Forces;

Bhaun has contributed many sons to the Armed Forces of both India and Pakistan.. PTA OFFICER.
Raja Ghulam MURTAZA Shaheed was a great man pf power who was marteryed in the war of 1971 against India .He was great man of dignity served his life in NAVAL CORPORATION KARACHI.
Lt Gen Ijaz Ahmed Bakhshi a Corp Commander was the highest ranking army officer. His younger brother is  
Brigadier Sajjad Ahmed Bakhshi. Their father,
Haji Maqbool Ahmed Bakhshi, also served in 5 punjab ( Sherdils) Regiment from 1939 to 1963. Their uncle  
Major Mushtaq Ahmed Bakhshi died in 1967. His son  
Colonel Manzoor Ahmed Bakhshi. Other prominent names include  
Brig (R) Mohammad Iqbal Minhas, Brig (R) Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (FRCP), an eminent physician of Army medical corps,  
Brig Muhammad Khan,
Brig (R) Tasadduq Hussain,
Brig Asif Ali Khan, 
Col (Late) Anwer Khan,
Col Arif Mehmood Aalam Shaheed (FWO),  
Col Syed Waqar Hussain, Col Tauqeer Hussain, 
Col (R) Iftikhar Ali Malik psc, ptsc SI (M) is another eminent son of the soil. His brother 
Lt Col (R) Zafar Ali Malik is a med spec currently running a clinic at Chakwal. Col Iftikhar's son
Maj Dr Asim Iftikhar. 
Major (R) Muhammad Aslam Raja,
Major Hussnain Anwer (Shaheed), 
Major Snam Majeed Jhut, Major Hassan Akhtar, Major Saeed Iqbal Minhas (Bloch Regment),  
Major (R) Soba Khan, Major(R) Mohammad Nawaz Raja who has done his Master in Mechanical Engineering and Master in Criminal Justice from USA has served in Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering from 1976-1991.At present he is living with his family in Virginia United States of America.
Malik Madad Hussain served Pakistan Navy.  
Capt Moona Safdar, 
Capt (R) Malik Ghulam Muhammad Awan (Father of DSP M Amir),  
Capt (R) Sher Ch Bahadhar, 
Capt (R) Muhammad Yaqoob Awan, 
Capt (R) Sher Cheema. 
Sub Maj (R) Abdul Rehman Khokhar, 
Sub (R) M. Khan Khokhar, 
Sub (R) Ghulam Abbas Awan
Sub Asad Abbas, 
Sub (R) Hiyat Muhammad Khokhar. There is a long list of Junior Commissioned Officers among Muslims and Non-Muslim of the village who played a significant role in the social and political life of the village.

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