Sep 18, 2011

A serious threat to people of chakwal, 7 test positive for dengue in Chakwal

CHAKWAL, Sept 16: Seven people have tested positive while 33 are suspected of dengue in Chakwal, Executive District Officer Health Dr. Nasir Mehmood told Dawn on Friday.
“The majority of the suspected are those who had traveled to Lahore and other affected areas during Eid holidays and contracted the virus there,” EDO Dr. Nasir maintained. However, unlike last year, the situation seems far better and under control.
“We are doing our best to create awareness among the masses by distributing pamphlets, holding walks and through media,” he maintained. He said that health department had fumigated the vulnerable areas during spring season.
“We have tried our best to eliminate the mosquitoes in their breeding stage by fogging,” he claimed.
He said that a force of 1,227 personnel of health department is straining hard to combat the viral disease.  “We have 1125 Lady Health Workers, 61 Nutrition Supervisors and 41 doctors who are imparting health services besides making them aware,” he said.
Twenty beds had been allocated for dengue patients at DHQ Hospital while five beds had been reserved at THQ Hospitals.
Talking to Dawn, Assistant Commissioner, Sadat Saeed, said that funds had been released to the health department for tackling the situation.
“There is no financial problem. The platelet separator would be installed soon at District Headquarters Hospital,” he maintained.
He further said that steps had been taken to monitor the private laboratories where poor patients were being fleeced. “The health department has been directed to ask private hospital for free treatment of dengue patients or on reasonable fee,” he said.
It has also been learnt that twenty per cent residents of Dhab Pari village have developed the dengue symptoms. Sources in the health department say that the department badly needs a platelet separator and at least three fogging machines on war footings.
It may be mentioned here that Chakwal was worst hit by dengue virus last year killing more than 20 persons and affecting dozens.


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