Aug 29, 2011

PML-N MNA accused of sexual assault? Ch. Ayaz Ameer

PML-N MNA denies sexual assualt charges:
ISLAMABAD - Ayaz Amir, member of the National Assembly from the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, has rejected sexual assault allegations made against him by Fouzia Behram, a Pakistan People’s Party member of the Punjab Assembly.
Amir told Online that his political rivals were trying to damage his reputation by propagating that he had sexually assaulted a girl. “There is no substance to whatever allegation is being leveled against me. The victim has no medical evidence or witness to support her claim,” he said.
Earlier, Behram, the alleged victim and her family had claimed at a press conference at the National Press Club that Amir had subjected the 14-year-old girl to sexual assault, and also accused the Chakwal Police of threatening the affected family with dire consequences. The victim alleged that Mir called her to his house and sexually assaulted her, claiming that he was heavily drunk at the moment. “I told my husband about the incident but he asked me to stay calm,” she said.
Will justice prevail. This is very concerning, is there going to be any enquiries about this, or is the punjab hukumat going to stay numb. An investigation is required, this is a serious matter............
Pakistan Today

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