Jul 5, 2011

Mianwali protest continues amid tension

Mianwali protest continues amid tension

MIANWALI: Protest in Mianwali continued Tuesday that began
on Monday against excessive loadshediing while the traders are
observing complete shutter-down strike, Geo News reported.

The traders’ body of Mianwali called for shutter-down strike on
Tuesday while the Tehrik-e-Tahaffuz-e-Haqooq, Mianwali has
warned of long march towards Chashma Power Plant today.

On the other hand, funeral prayers for the protestor Khadim
Hussain, who was killed on Monday as a result of police shelling,
were said Tuesday morning in suburbs of Kala Bagh Road. The
funeral was attended by large number of people.

The leaders of Tehrik-e-Tahaffuz-e-Haqooq, Mianwali expressed
grief and anguish over the situation and said that the administration
has displayed brutal behaviour towards the peaceful protestors.

The tehrik’s leadership has announced march towards Chashma
Power Plant Tuesday afternoon while traders have called for
complete shutter-down.

On Monday, police resorted to aerial firing and teargas shelling
on protestors resulting in the death of two people while 22 others
including a DCO were injured. The protestors were protesting
against continued loadshedding and demanded uninterrupted
power supply.

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