Nov 14, 2010

Visit of Natural Kallar Kahar Lake on each Eid Cermoney

Most of the people with their family visit the natural lake of kallar kahar on each Ead Day. if some one have no chance to go their , they feel that some thing is missing.
Kallar Kahar lake is situated in a beautiful valley in the southern mountainous area of potohar plateau in the salt range having motorway interchange. It is located at an altitude of about 1500 ft from sea level. It is a natural lake which is fed by a natural fresh water spring at the base of hills. This spring water fills the lake up to a level and then overflows and makes a stream towards the north. The lake is not deep, so a lot of natural vegetation can be seen all around it and even in the middle. It is a natural breeding sanctuary for many birds, so it is an ideal place for bird watching. Some migratory birds can also be seen in particular season. Wild peacocks can be seen wandering around the area. Now and then their particular sound can be heard clearly.
The great Mughal Ruler, Zaheer ud Din Babar visited this place in 1510 AD. He ordered the plantation of first Mughal Garden here and named it as Safa Garden or “Bagh-e-Safa”. A large single stone, elevated, carved out sitting place is also present in the garden, known as throne of Babur “ Takht-e-Babri”.
Kallar Kahar lake is located at a distance about 135 km from Rawalpindi via Chakwal road. It can be approached from Islamabad by Motorway at a distance of about 100 kms to the south and from chakwal it is about 30kms to the south-west on chakwal-Sargodha road.

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